Focus on Technology: A Primary Strategy from Day One

June 9, 2023 | 6 minutes read
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QuoteRavi Gupta
Ravi Gupta, VP
Strategic Solutions
Our systems are mature, stable, and time-tested, but our commitment to clients demands that we continuously improve our technology and operations to maintain best-in-class services. Quote

NAV Fund Administration Group was founded with a tradition to the present day, offering clients the unique tradition to the present day, offering clients the unique benefits of speed, flexibility, well-designed manager and investor tools, and lower costs that wholly proprietary technology infrastructure delivers.

Beyond hardware and software, the firm also invests in people. With 200 IT professionals on staff in the U.S. and India – encompassing programmers, network security, and disaster recovery specialists – NAV is able to provide clients with 24/7 support and virtually 100% uptime. NAV IT operations are ISO-27001 and BS-10012 certified.

"The decision was made from the beginning to create our own technology systems vs. licensing an outside package and attempting to customize it to align with our goals," said Ravi Gupta, NAV VP of Strategic Solutions. "Developing our own systems has helped us significantly reduce operating costs on an ongoing basis by eliminating outside development and integration expenses. This has enabled us to offer our clients more economical services for the past 30+ years."

In addition to avoiding added consultant expense, proprietary technology has given NAV the flexibility to offer clients custom features as required, and on a rapid turnaround. "It’s a key differentiator that we are able to say ‘yes’ to client special requests, knowing our in-house team can deliver quickly and at little or no added cost to the client," Gupta said.

"We can also easily scale the technology needed as a client grows," Gupta said. "We don’t require a minimum AUM and are committed to the philosophy that every client – regardless of size – merits superior quality of service and support. Clients aren’t locked into a ‘package’ requiring upgrades as their business expands. New capabilities and volume are deployed as needed with minimal disruption or delay. NAV’s core systems capably process nearly all fund structures -- including cryptocurrency -- and millions of trades daily."

And finally, NAV’s focus on technology and the experienced IT team to develop and support it pays dividends in the marketplace. "We support virtually every fund structure and asset class traded, including cryptocurrency funds, and deliver month-end reporting with a degree of accuracy and timeliness that many clients say they haven’t witnessed with other admins," Gupta said. NAV provides same day T+0 reporting functionality, daily reporting is typically delivered by 6-7 AM EST, and monthly NAV is delivered within 2-5 days after month-end.


Feature-Rich Portals

NAV portals offers secure web- and app-based access to fund information at no additional cost. With an unlimited number of logins, managers can also extend the benefit of 24/7 fund data access to investors and auditors.

A range of data is available, including fund-level, daily, and monthly performance tables, comprehensive month-end packages, portfolio reconciliation, and dedicated accounting and transfer agent portals.

Key portal capabilities include:

  • Integration with all third-party brokers and pricing vendors
  • On-demand self-service report generation using filterable data
  • NAV STATUS page displays progress of the daily/monthly reporting process and review, approval, and reporting options
  • Fund onboarding platform designed to facilitate faster, easier, and more secure onboarding of new funds
  • Mobile app for Android™ and iOS® platforms

Industry-Leading Crypto Fund Services

NAV services extend to the ‘new kid on the block’ -- cryptocurrency funds. High-volume, volatile, and requiring stringent AML/KYC and security protocols, crypto fund administration requires experience, expertise, and purpose-built technology.

"NAV was one of the first administrators to work with crypto clients in the early days and we continue to develop solutions that address the unique requirements crypto fund managers and their investors require," Gupta said.

"Our services are well-honed at this point, offering accuracy, quick reporting, responsiveness, expertise with crypto, and institutional appeal -- a ‘full package’ of award-winning technology-based services attractive to crypto fund managers. "With dedicated IT and Fund Accounting teams focused on cryptocurrency funds, NAV offers the optimum combination of expertise, services, and technology to help solve complex cryptocurrency fund servicing challenges.


Highly Experienced with DeFi

Fully automated solutions on both the fund accounting and IT sides -- a unique capability in the crypto space.


Dedicated Internal Team

Internal team of more than 200 IT professionals focus on setting up new exchanges via API creating competitive advantage to adapt in crypto space


Quick, Accurate Report Delivery

  • Daily reports including NAV are delivered between 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. EST
  • Month-end reporting for 80% of our crypto funds are delivered within five days after month-end and all funds are delivered within 2-5 days
reporting software
Comprehensive Reporting Software
  • Exchange-level reporting displaying positions by location
  • Cut-off time historical valuation of large number of crypto products through in-house developed valuation utilities
  • Proprietary portfolio reconciliation

On-Boarded Exchanges

One of the highest number of on-boarded exchanges via API in the industry -- connectivity to 140+ exchanges and counterparties


Fast Response Time

Faster response time and report delivery with separate teams for portfolio-level accounting and investor-level accounting


Accouting Solutions

Quick accounting implementation for complex structures and trading strategies in the crypto space (smart contracts, DeFi transactions, ICOs, public & private blockchains, hot and cold wallets, ERC-20 tokens, etc.)


Registered CIMA

Registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) -- using a licensed administrator subject to regulatory oversight for Caymans Islands-domiciled funds provides reassurance to institutional investors, especially foreign investors

Ongoing Client-Focused Development

NAV is driven by its commitment to innovative technology and continuous process improvement," Gupta said. Our focus has been to provide cost-effective fund administration services coupled with high-touch support. By leveraging our technology, we seek to create operational efficiencies and minimize costs for clients."

"Just like portal access and unlimited logins, new features are offered at no additional charge. Our clients benefit from our focus on ongoing development, Gupta said. "We don't rest on the status quo or minimal maintenance upgrades. We are always looking for ways to provide an optimal experience.

During the past year alone, the NAV technology team has completed several major projects to boost portal security, functionality and convenience for funds and investors, introducing these major new enhancements:

Notable developments planned for the near future include:

Self-service options that enable clients to interact directly with NAV systems for faster access to selected functions
Tools to ensure seamless communication between investors & managers
Audit process dashboard

DATA ROOM offers a full-featured set of easy-to-use tools that enables managers to create a secure web page highlighting detailed fund data and professionally market the fund.

PORTAL MOBILE APPS for Android™ and iOS® platforms offer fund managers, investors, and auditors flexibility in how and when they access their data.

NAV STATUS displays current progress of the daily/monthly reporting process, enabling clients to download reporting packages on demand, review daily or official NAV packages, approve or reject accounting packages, etc.

FUND ONBOARDING PLATFORM facilitates faster, easier, and more secure onboarding of new funds.

PASSWORDLESS LOGINS provide a simpler and more secure authentication method utilizing passkeys and biometric authentication.


EXTERNAL API offers clients fund accounting, investor, and portfolio data points in a secure manner.

CRYPTOCURRENCY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT module provides several self-service options designed to meet the unique requirements of cryptocurrency funds, like Fund Filter Tab, Exchange Account Tab to add/modify exchange accounts.

CRYPTO INTRADAY provides snapshots into near real-time positions, valuations, and trades on centralized exchanges.

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